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HempVest is South Africa’s first manufacture and producer of cannabidiols- CBD. Grown on home soil, HempVest was established in 2018 with the aim of providing the best services for all clients, investors and businesses looking to take on the CBD world. We produce premium, A- grade quality CBD from only of the best of strains. Lab tested, certified and 100% compliant to all rules and regulations.

The HempVest family proceeds with the vision of being the leading producer in South Africa and extending far beyond. Quality is a concept that is clearly understood within the HempVest Group and integrated in every process from the seed to your doorstep.

We as HempVest understand the importance of affordability and reliability, having produced and manufactured within our country we introduce products within that calibre eliminating all import costs for us and all stakeholders.

Hempvest’s Products and Services


Our nursery provides high quality strains of seedlings, mothers and clones. Hempvest has…


Hempvest cultivates A-grade high CBD hemp in our state of the art facilities. Currently Hempvest owns…

Drying and Processing

Hempvest is able to provide drying, curing and trimming solutions to clients…

Inclusion Programme

The Hempvest Inclusion Programme will allow emerging cannabis farmers to partner with…

Offtake Agreements

Apart from cultivating hemp for our own supply chain, Hempvest is also able to supply offtake…

CBD Products

Hempvest will be launching a range of pharmaceutical grade CBD products in the near future. Users of…

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