Born out of the pioneering spirit and industry leadership of HempVest Africa, our subsidiaries represent our commitment to broadening the reach and impact of Cannabis in all facets of life. Each one specializes in a different aspect of the Cannabis industry, allowing us to cater to diverse markets and bring the benefits of Cannabis to people in unique and innovative ways.

Seedling Sensations: Stemming from HempVest Africa’s agricultural expertise, Seedling Sensations provides high-quality Cannabis seeds and seedlings to cultivators of all sizes, fostering the growth of the industry literally from the ground up.

Mystic Meds Dispensary: Responding to the growing need for accessible and reliable sources of medicinal and recreational Cannabis products, Mystic Meds Dispensary offers a wide range of carefully curated and quality-tested Cannabis offerings.

Alkmi: As Cannabis science continues to evolve, alkmi stays at the forefront, specializing in the creation of infused daily products to promote the health and wellness of our consumers. This subsidiary produces high-quality infused products from tinctures and self-care products to deliciously formulated gummies.

Partly Cloudy: In a market bursting with creative potential, Partly Cloudy leads the way in producing premium CBD pre-rolls, bringing the benefits of Cannabis to those who leisure in smoking but without the psychoactive effects of its cousin THC.

Sweedies: Sweedies combine the joy of gourmet sweets with the benefits of Cannabis. This subsidiary crafts delicious, high-quality Cannabis-infused confections, making the Cannabis experience more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

By leveraging the strengths and learnings of HempVest Africa, each of our subsidiaries plays a crucial role in expanding the boundaries of the Cannabis industry and bringing its benefits to different walks of life.

Explore our comprehensive range of services and subsidiaries and stay up to date with the latest industry updates. Join us in revolutionising the Cannabis market in South Africa and the World.