Bulk Offtake Agreements

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We specialise in hemp wholesale trading. Since we handle large volumes of the most popular hemp products, we can help your business expand into this lucrative and socially beneficial market. Apart from cultivating hemp for our supply chain, Hempvest is also able to supply offtake agreements to large clients looking to secure a crop/crops of high-quality CBD hemp. By securing an offtake from Hempvest, clients can guarantee their supply for the next year and get a more competitive price than market value.

  • Hempvest is focused on providing bulk off-take agreements on concentrates or flower products and only operate within compliant legal markets with qualified suppliers and buyers.
  • We work closely with our clients to ensure that all bulk off-take agreements are meticulously planned and managed to develop their supply chain to ultimately ensure continuity of supply.


Quality Consistency Compliance

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Meticulously crafted and tested by science, our CBD products are designed to provide maximum bioavailability to the human body and 3rd-party lab-tested to guarantee purity, reliability, consistency, and safety. We can readily provide our clients with certificates of analysis (COAs) for all the products we produce and distribute.

Our facilities are aligned to GAP and HACCP and comply with the regulations as set out by the South African Health Regulatory Authority for the cultivation of cannabis.


We offer you the best wholesale prices

Affordability, reliability

Comparing South Africa to the global market, we have a unique combination of ideal weather and climate conditions, low labour costs, and excellent infrastructure available to us, this allows us to provide you with the best wholesale prices. Pricing models have been carefully structured to ensure that we can offer the lowest cost per gram of CDB globally. This ensures that you get the best quality CDB products and the lowest cost.


We work with the best genetics available on the market and have a big stock rotation due to the high demand for our popular strains. Do not hesitate to contact us and keep an eye on stock!


Get Started on your Start-Up with Hempvest CBD

If you are ready to create your brand, you will not find another CBD company that can offer the kind of value we do. From superior products to competitive bulk pricing, and outstanding customer service and consultation, Hempvest CBD stands atop our competitors. Our CDB products include flowers, oils, distillate, isolate, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum.

Get in touch with one of our team members to discuss your goals. We would love to show you how successful you can be with the right amount of expert advice and direction.